Important details when choosing sanitary ware for the home

In the past, the material we figured out what kind of plumbing, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of different materials. Today you will learn what to look for when choosing a particular device. So let’s get started.

Washbasins: selection criteria.

They are different in shape and method of attachment (tulip, figured, wall and cascading), first, pay attention to the holes for the mixer. Different types of washbasins have different sets of holes for the installed mixers, the range of which is also quite large.

Pay attention to omit that the sink with a protective hole from overflow water was equipped with special fasteners and its own siphon.

The choice of washbasin depends also on the area of ​​the room. In small spaces, corner models or recessed versions are right.

Toilets: what to look for?

If you have a water meter at home, to save money, give preference to a model with a half drain.

In order for water to flow around the entire edge of the toilet bowl, it is better to buy a product with a circular drain.

Another very important nuance: consider when buying a toilet, at what angle is the sewer pipe. There are options at an angle and straight. So, choose a toilet under the limits that you have at home. Otherwise, labor-intensive pipe fitting work remains.

How to choose a bath or shower tray?

Cast iron, steel or acrylic? What’s better?

  • Cast iron. Old, proven material, but very heavy. Its advantage over others is that it keeps heat for a long time. Therefore, you can wash in this bath for a long time and slowly. If heavy objects are hit on it, damages may seem.
  • Steel. Considered a lighter and cheaper material. If the manufacture of the product was used too thin steel, the walls may sag. Heats up quickly and instantly cools. So a long soak in this bath does not work.
  • Acrylic. Beautiful modern stuff. Differs in ease and excellent characteristics. Retains heat for a long time, but is not scratch-resistant. Therefore, special cleaning products are required for maintenance.

Typically, high-quality sanitary ware manufacturers offer quality assurance. When buying any products, specify whether there is a warranty on them, and, most importantly, do not forget to issue it in the store.

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An important factor when choosing sanitary ware is its manufacturer, so they often ask themselves which sanitary ware equipment is better to choose. If you find it difficult to decide, be guided by world leaders in the industry.